luni, 16 februarie 2015

As far as I could remember. Martie 2010

I tended to share everything in the same time i used to be different.
I have always wanted to leave behind some reasons to be missed.
"I tried to be perfect but nothing was worth it/I don’t believe it makes me real/I thought it’d be easy,/But no one believes me,/I meant all the things I said.''
I learned that every choice that you make defines who are you turning into. I feel like I don't have any of those choices. Well, life's complicated by its definition.I'm just making it more and more complicated, but I feel like I couldn't live in a simple life.
"I'm in love, with a fairytale, even though it hurts, cause I don't care if I loose my mind I'm already cursed" I knew he will win.He's got something special.

It's often said that no matter the truth,people see what they wanted to see. You have to learn to live with the others, not stuck in your own world.That won't never help you. You'll end destroying yourself. You'd prefer the pain instead of indifference.
Try to understand all the people that surround you.Or just try to understand that they're not like you.Their minds are more complicated than you've thought.
*Some people might take some steps back and find out that they were looking at the same big picture all alone.There are others who will never realize that.The formers can consider themselves lucky, because less clouds will threaten their sun with heavy rain. They find out that a big part of their life was mistaken with a big lie, lie that ends when they are determined to leave it out and to forget what it must be forgotten. Some of them abandon trying, chosing to live in regrets.But some of them are crushed once again by The Luck, who helps them to another life. But some of them are really proud and satisfied, that they begin once again living.
*Some people might see that their lies had almost turned true.When you are living by telling lies, those lies would finally turn against you.Never try to destroy somebody's life, you'll end up by destroying your own world.All alone.With no one who might care for you.
*Some people run as far as they can so that they don't have to look at themselves. They turn into cowards, they can't face what they've done, they can't bear the failure, they end in smoke.
They were living in their own world, they were the only stars of their world, they loved nothing but themselves. And now, when the real world refuses them, they prefer running and hiding themselves instead of facing their failure.It's bad to be like them, but I don't care what they feel.They have chosen how to live.I'm not responsible for their greatest choice.


I'm watching a waterspider trying to get out of the pool.In vain.He'll finally end up dying.I'm not helping him; though i could.This is the real life. Nobody's there when you need them the most.You have to manage it by yourself. But some people just can't walk away from the problem.The problem is in you.You've created it;You have to solve it.

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